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Bridal portraits can be taken in so many different places and often its not easy to figure out where to go. When booking a bridal session with me, you'll receive a list of the many places in South Louisiana that I love to use for portraits, both indoor and outdoor. Bridals are like a dress rehearsal for your wedding except a lot less stressful! Below you'll find some of my favorite bridal portraits or you can see the most recent ones here. These sessions can be booked on their own or as part of our wedding collections.

Nottoway Plantation White Room bridals
Fairfax House Bridal potraits
Nottoway bridal portrait
Arlington Plantation bridal portraits
Dansereau House Bridal Portraits
Nottoway White Room bridal portrait
Dansereau House bridal portrait
Bridal photo Longue Vue House and Gardens
Fairfax House outdoor bridal
Houma's House Plantation bridal portrait
Race and Religious bridal photos
Outdoor Thibodaux bridal portrait
Bridal photo Dansereau House
Race and Religious balcony bridal portrait
Longue Vue bridal photos
Bridal portraits Ducros Plantation
Bride photos Race and Religious
Ducros Plantation indoor bridals
Destrehan Plantation indoor bridal photo
UL Alumni Center Bridal Photos
Bridal photos at Longue Vue House and Gardens
Fairfax House bride photo
Thibodaux bridal portraits
Ducros Plantation bride pictures
Fairfax House outdoor bridal photo
Louisiana Old State Capital bridals
Houma Bridal Portraits
Fairfax House outdoor bridals
Bride and Horse bridal portrait
Bridal portrait in Nottoway White Room
Oaklawn Manor bridal photos
Franklin bridal portraits
Longue Vue House outdoor bridal portrait
Bridal photo UL Alumni Center
Destrehan Plantation bridal portraits
Nottoway Plantation bridal portraits
Dansereau House bride
White Room Nottoway bride
Race + Religious bride photo
Oaklawn Manor bridal portraits
Longue Vue Bridal Session
Ardoyne Plantation Bridal Portraits
Race + Religious Bridal portraits
Houmas House bride pictures
Nottoway Plantation bridals
Race and Religious bride pictures
Destrehan Plantation bride photos
Ardoyne Plantation bridal photos
New Orleans bridal portraits
New Orleans bridal portrait
Nottoway Plantation bride photos
Nottoway bridal portraits
Ducros Plantation full bridal portrait
Franklin Louisiana bridal portrait
City Park Botanical Garden bridals
Old Governor's Mansion bridal portraits
Bridal portrait New Orleans
Longue Vue House and Garden bride photo
Dansereau House bridal session

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