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Fairfax House indoor bridal portrait
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Destrehan Plantation indoor bridal photography
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Fairfax House outdoor bridal photo
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Ducros Plantation outdoor oak tree bridal portraits
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Louisiana Old State Capital stained glass portrait
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Nottoway Plantation outdoor bridal portrait
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Race and Religious outdoor bridal portrait
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Did you know that bridal portraits are not something done all around the country? If you are someone that isn't familiar with this tradition, here in the South, about a month or two before the wedding, brides get all dressed up, complete with hair and make-up, to spend a day having beautiful, timeless images taken of them in their gowns. This is often a time for the bride to try out her hairstyle, make-up and dress to make sure she's comfortable and to see if there should be any adjustments made before the actual wedding day.

Bridal portraits can be taken anywhere from an old Southern plantation to a modern art museum or rustic outdoor location. Before deciding on your location, take some time to imagine what your ideal bridal portrait would look like. You should also consider the time of year and the weather. Summer in South Louisiana can be extremely hot and humid - this makes for a very challenging outdoor session - we've even had brides get very light-headed and dizzy from the heat. Summer is the ideal time to book indoor locations such as local bed and breakfasts. If you do choose an outdoor location during the summer, make sure to eat beforehand and bring plenty of water with you. We've put together a list of some of the locations we've photographed over the years.

Jamie Heyl is a Houma wedding photographer who photographs bridal portraits all over South Louisiana. To see some Louisiana bridal portrait location suggestions, check out this blog post.

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